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We’re the Dinosaur,

The Cute Dinosaur,

Fear the wrath of the Cute Dinosaur

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…yeah. actually yes.



You damn right!

I salute thee, Celestia! For ye deserve this and much more.


I saw those Wonder Woman panels the other day and I got an idea.

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          Twilight Sparkle woke in darkness. She closed her eyes, testing whether they had been open. When she felt her eyelids press together, she breathed hard. She opened her eyes again, slowly. Her breath came faster. The blackness was total. She was blind.

          She forced herself to breathe more slowly before she hyperventilated. After a dozen breaths, she felt her heartbeat slowing. When her nerves had calmed a bit, she called out, “Beau! I need you!” Another few breaths. She heard nothing. She willed her voice to stillness and called again, louder, “Bougainvillea! Please come to my room!”

          Nothing. Had something happened to the castle staff? Were they under attack? She rolled out of bed, and panicked. The motion had not rolled her out of bed. It had only revealed that there was no bed under her. Her wings flared out reflexively against her sudden conviction that she was falling, but no air stirred her feathers.

          She felt beneath her, her hooves passing through empty air. She swept them to the sides, meeting no resistance. She put them out in front of her and winced away from a sudden brilliance that made tears spring into her eyes. Cracking an eyelid, she gasped. The brilliance was her hooves. Her coat was giving off a pale light.

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A polite scratching at the door roused Celestia from the papers on her desk. “Come in,” she called.

The door opened, and Twilight Sparkle entered. She noticed the mounds of paperwork on Celestia’s desk, and flushed. “I’m sorry to bother you while you’re busy, Pri— um, Celestia.”

"It’s quite alright, Twilight. I know full well that you wouldn’t come here without reason. What is it?"

Twilight hesitated. Celestia waited, unperturbed and patient, until finally the words spilled from the little alicorn. “I don’t know who else to turn to. Ever since I— since I became—” She set her mouth and gave an impatient flick of her wings. “I’ve been feeling more and more … lost? I don’t know how to put it. The responsibility, the power, the magic—it’s too much. I don’t know what to do.” The last word was heavier than its single syllable, and Twilight’s face fell as she said it.

Celestia rose gracefully from her chair and came around the desk to Twilight. She smiled. “Walk with me, Twilight.”

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I wrote a thing! That still happens sometimes, I guess.

Well, this is promising. (Note that the blog is labeled NSFW.)


Even if the jokes aren’t necessarily rape jokes, they’re still jokes about sexual harassment and her name itself is a joke about molestation. 

It’s not okay.


Bronycon was fun!

Here are some doodles I made in the Sofas and Quills room.

I gave away a couple of these, so if you recognize them, give me a shout out!

(Sorry for the photo quality!)

A couple of friends of mine were the recipients of the changeling!Celestia and Rainbow Dash, and I am super envious. Check out that art!