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peopleblobs by *ponymonster

probably one of my favorite humanizations ever. 

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ルナ | レイミ

D’awww, what a cutie.

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Pinkie’s untamable mane.

Edit: Fixed Pinkie’s nose to be more propportionate. It was just too thin and narrow earlier. Im glad you guys like it though :D




I’ve spent entirely too much time on this piece.  I need to find a more efficient way to make things look finished.  Anyway!  I made this to establish the heights of my humanized pony designs.  From shortest to tallest: Twilight -> Pinkie -> Rarity / Applejack (roughly the same height) -> Rainbow -> Fluttershy.

*Sorry if this is really small; for some reason tumblr is not showing me the larger size.  

Why doesn’t this have more notes!?

Tiny Twilight! Yes! (And look at that Applejack!)


This was fun =D


And now Pinkie Pie! I’m thinking of re-doing Twilight, since she was a doodle and now the pictures for this are more detailed. Or starting to get detailed.

Ain’t no party like a Pinkie Pie party.


And now Rarity! I wonder which one I should do next….huh

I love that style, and this version of Pinkie is a cutie.

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