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do you really need all that just to flip the personality switch back on?


oops I did more

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Pony Feminism 2k14

Use as you wish! Unless of course you want to edit it without permission. No. Bad brony.

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Now I can be a hermit nerd forever.

I would accept this outcome.



Some anons requested me to animate it.

(Orig size) (4x bigger)

i’m pretty sure this level of adorable is against the laws so you must go to a jails sorry

"And then Guybrush said ‘Max, don’t let the Purple Tentacle get away!’

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Bouncing off the ceiling by Arcticwaters

Finally just really really felt like drawing some Rarilight.

InB4 someone asks why their hooves and tails are like this because someone ALWAYS does: traditional unicorns.

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Perks of being a Alicorn by JoeyWaggoner

Best nerd just got an early birthday present from herself.  That last panel…  XD

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Could you draw human!twipie?
norsepony norsepony Said:


Twilight reading by hornlight.


Stuff like this is why I love going frame by frame.



          Twilight Sparkle woke in darkness. She closed her eyes, testing whether they had been open. When she felt her eyelids press together, she breathed hard. She opened her eyes again, slowly. Her breath came faster. The blackness was total. She was blind.

          She forced herself to breathe more slowly before she hyperventilated. After a dozen breaths, she felt her heartbeat slowing. When her nerves had calmed a bit, she called out, “Beau! I need you!” Another few breaths. She heard nothing. She willed her voice to stillness and called again, louder, “Bougainvillea! Please come to my room!”

          Nothing. Had something happened to the castle staff? Were they under attack? She rolled out of bed, and panicked. The motion had not rolled her out of bed. It had only revealed that there was no bed under her. Her wings flared out reflexively against her sudden conviction that she was falling, but no air stirred her feathers.

          She felt beneath her, her hooves passing through empty air. She swept them to the sides, meeting no resistance. She put them out in front of her and winced away from a sudden brilliance that made tears spring into her eyes. Cracking an eyelid, she gasped. The brilliance was her hooves. Her coat was giving off a pale light.

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