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Perks of being a Alicorn by JoeyWaggoner

Best nerd just got an early birthday present from herself.  That last panel…  XD

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Could you draw human!twipie?
norsepony norsepony Said:


Twilight reading by hornlight.


Stuff like this is why I love going frame by frame.



          Twilight Sparkle woke in darkness. She closed her eyes, testing whether they had been open. When she felt her eyelids press together, she breathed hard. She opened her eyes again, slowly. Her breath came faster. The blackness was total. She was blind.

          She forced herself to breathe more slowly before she hyperventilated. After a dozen breaths, she felt her heartbeat slowing. When her nerves had calmed a bit, she called out, “Beau! I need you!” Another few breaths. She heard nothing. She willed her voice to stillness and called again, louder, “Bougainvillea! Please come to my room!”

          Nothing. Had something happened to the castle staff? Were they under attack? She rolled out of bed, and panicked. The motion had not rolled her out of bed. It had only revealed that there was no bed under her. Her wings flared out reflexively against her sudden conviction that she was falling, but no air stirred her feathers.

          She felt beneath her, her hooves passing through empty air. She swept them to the sides, meeting no resistance. She put them out in front of her and winced away from a sudden brilliance that made tears spring into her eyes. Cracking an eyelid, she gasped. The brilliance was her hooves. Her coat was giving off a pale light.

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Halloween Nightmare Night with Spike and Twilight!

Weirdly appropriate considering how Spike and Twilight met…

Now I’m thinking of that Voltaire quote—if Spike hadn’t already existed Twilight would have had to invent him.

Also interesting approach to how to do a Chinese slit-up-the-leg dress for ponies.

((Twilight needs to wear her hair in a bun in the series more often also without a really clashy dress involved))

Can we just talk for a moment about how adorable this was?

(Source is issue #12 of the IDW comics.)

Ponies Ponies Ponies (mane 6 redesign) by nattherat

How neat is this? Be sure to check out the description on DA for some insight into the artist’s reasoning on the design choices.


          Light that filled the sky, and a clap of thunder like getting kicked in the head. And a tiny shape falling, trailing light behind it like a shooting star.

          Oh, Celestia. “Twilight!” To Rainbow and Fluttershy: “Catch her! We gotta run!”

          They flew up lickety-split and snagged Twi between them. You can always count on Fluttershy when the chips are down.

          The light faded out of the sky and darkness replaced it - a darkness that swelled and grew up out of the dead grey horizon, a darkness with eyes and gleaming teeth in a smile that could swallow the world. “Morpheus is coming! Move, move! Get to that cave!”

          The mouth split open and Morpheus’ voice pretty near shook the ground out from under my hooves. “Little ponies, what will you do without your Magic?” I could feel his smirk on the back of my head, but I just kept hightailing it for the cave. Rarity and Pinkie Pie kept right on up with me, too, running for all they were worth.

          We rounded a boulder and there was the cave, shining from inside with that sweet light. I felt Morpheus growl more than I heard it, and the ground felt wrong all of a sudden. I jammed my hooves in and threw myself sideways into Rarity, knowing Pinkie would feel it too.

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I wrote a thing yesterday.


Mane 6 set

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