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Redditor Kgriffin88 shared this photo of an awesome freight train car painted to look like a classic NES controller, but with one important difference. The car was painted by a graffiti writer named Texer and, instead of giving it two round A and B buttons, this colossal controller has three buttons - A, L and B - for Texer’s ALB crew.

Click here for a closer look.

[via Incredible Things]


We can’t pause here. This is goomba country.


8-Bit Tarantino and Rodriguez

Prints by Wonder Bros

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A Boy And His Blob

I FIGHT DRAGONS - The Geeks Will Inherit The Earth [LYRICS VIDEO]

The world’s only NES-rock band. Stylish pop-rock plus chiptunes (which are played live on stage with custom-made chiptune instruments).