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Eurobeat Brony ‘Discord’
(The Living Tombstone Remix)
For Orchestra

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As always, Walt Ribero is impressive, fantastic, and all around amazing with his orchestral pieces. This one isn’t one you should miss.


       The heavy, jingling tromp of armored ponies echoed down the alley and could be heard through the thickness of the oak door, earning a panicked look at the weathered wood.

       “Hurry, children, hurry! Down into the cellar!”

       “But Daddy!”

       “Shush now, hurry along, and stay quiet, no matter what you hear, alright?” He looked at his eldest, a slip of a girl, just old enough to understand the gravity of the situation. She met his look with frightened but alert eyes, and he nodded at her. “Keep your brothers and sister safe, now, Silver Lining.”

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Here’s what I did today, a sort of historical religious fic (I seem to be on a historical kick lately for some reason).



Pinkie: “Hey Twilight, wanna sniff my tail? It smells really good!”

Twilight: “What? Why would you even ask that?!”


Pinkie: “Too late, you’re gonna sniff it!”

Twilight: “No, wait, wait!”


Pinkie: “There ya go! How’s that?”

Twilight: “Mmph! What…”


Pinkie: “Isn’t it great?”

Twilight: “Oh…this is…really nice…”