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Here is my tribute to my enormous and intense love for the Saints Row series.  In my opinion, it’s a whole lot more fun than GTA. It just jumps the shark every single moment it possibly can.  The characters are hilarious, the banter is amazing, and the fact that you can totally customize your main character (and have them have Troy Baker’s voice) is just icing on the cake.

Not convinced? You can run around naked swinging around a tentacle bat, hitting giant mascot costumes while blasting dubstep and gangster rap, have superpowers that fling people across time and space, run at the speed of light, and make out with all of your crew no matter your character’s gender (excluding Keith David.) 

Running out and grabbing it now? Yeah, I thought so. 

This version is of course with my Saints Boss, who I lovingly modeled after Rhiys. It’s just so much fun to see him running around with crazy outfits, doing horrible shenanigans he’d never do in the Woo Hoo! universe canon. Haha! Or would he?!! 

I’ll have prints of this at Emerald City ComiCon this weekend as well! Table Z-10 <3



So, was nothing bad ever supposed to happen to Sharon Carter because she was a woman? I’m confused, because the book isn’t called “Sharon Carter”. Last I checked she was a supporting character in “Captain America” which, would mean that if she were to be killed off would mean that it would cause trauma for Steve…which is the point.

If I were writing Iron Man and I killed off Pepper, would that be fridging? I would kill her off because it would hurt Tony and helps advance his story. Which is what happens when a supporting character is killed

Yes. That is fridging. That is exactly what fridging is. Short of putting the body in a fridge, you can’t get any fridgier than that.

"If I were taking things from a store without paying, would that be shoplifting? I would do it because I don’t want to pay for the things I want from the store."

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I’m not even going to attempt to gif this. Watch it. Now. 15 pendulums, not interacting with one another, each with a slightly different time for a full swing.

Results in gorgeousness.

In case you missed it


Is it weird that that made me tear up a bit? Gorgeous.

Science side of tumblr please explain this to me

Have you ever been in a traffic jam with a load of cars indicating, and every so often they all sync up and flash at the same type. It’s like that. But on steroids.

The first pendulum does it’s thing. The middle pendulum will swing once for every 5 swings of the little one, the next one for every 7 swings and so on. Add to that how complex shit can get with 15 variables and you get all these crazy ass patterns. It’s awesome.

its called incidental synchronization and it’s very rarely captured on camera.

Ow, my heid…

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I am so going to get flamed for this one …


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Jim Henson, on the set of The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal is such a perfectly Henson movie. What other person could have walked into a movie studio and said, “I want to make a fantasy movie with no human characters. And no humans. Only puppets. A whole movie of puppets, without a human in sight,” and walked out with a check?

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assuming shes average height. her boobs appear to be about 1/3 her torso and average torso of a female being 22.6” her boobs are about 7.5” long. a foot is 12 inches. theyre moving at 5,600ft aka 67200 inches a second. her boobs are flopping 8960 times a second.

8960 flops per second would result in the shockwaves from her breasts emitting an 8960 Hz tone, which is actually a very shrill noise within the range of human hearing. You can enter 8960 into this website to hear an audio sample of what her breast-tone would approximately sound like

Did all of you major in boob math

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Beach Peach at Peach Beach!


Turkish artist Hasan Kale (previously featured here) continues to dazzle the Department of Miniature Marvels with his ability to paint beautiful scenes from his native Istanbul on the teeniest, tiniest objects. No challenge is too great, no seed or nut too small. Kale has even painted a piece of chocolate and the inside of a peanut shell.

Visit Hasan Kale’s Facebook page to check out more of his awesomely itsy-bitsy paintings.

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Behold the awesomeness that is the world’s largest seamless print photograph. Entitled the Great Picture, this colossal Guinness World Record-holding image measures 107 feet wide by 31 feet high, covering an are of 3,375-square-feet.

Created in 2006, the Great Picture, was a collaborative effort by artists Jerry Burchfield, Mark Chamberlain, Jacques Garnier, Rob Johnson, Douglas McCulloh, Clayton Spada and hundreds of volunteers. And they did it using the world’s largest camera: an abandoned airplane hangar.

"They transformed an abandoned F/A-18 fighter jet hangar into a gigantic pinhole camera by darkening and sealing the interior from outside light. A pinhole, just under a quarter-inch in diameter (0.635 cm) was centered between the metal hangar doors to serve as the camera’s aperture."

"The hangar-turned-camera recorded a panoramic image of what was on the other side of the door using the centuries-old principle of “camera obscura” or pinhole camera. An image of the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station with the San Joaquin Hills in the background, appeared upside down and flipped left to right on film after being projected through the tiny hole in the hangar’s metal door.”

The Great Picture is currently on display in in Chantilly, VA at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center through November 2014. Visit Twisted Sifter for additional images and to learn more about the incredible process that created this massive photo.

Photos by Robert Johnson, the Smithsonian Institution, Douglas McCulloh, and Dane Penland respectively.

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Bill and Hillary Clinton were up to their ears in more than $10 million worth of legadebt at the end of Clinton’s tenure as president. Donald Trump was bailed out of four bankruptcies. But Detroit residents are having a basic human right – the access to water – cancelled for being late on bills of $150.

In the spring, Detroit’s Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr ordered water shutoffs for 150,000 Detroit residents late on their bills. Orr is an unelected bureaucrat accountable only to Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, who appointed Orr and several other “emergency managers” in largely poor, black communities like Detroit, Benton Harbor, Flint, and Highland Park, to make all financial decisions on behalf of local elected governments.

Orr’s plan will shut off water for 1,500 to 3,000 Detroit residents each week. Neither Orr nor Homrich, the contracting company Orr hired to shut off residents’ water, answered calls for interview requests.

Detroit citizens have been protesting the decision on the basis that water is a human right that cannot be denied to families who need it for cooking, bathing and flushing toilets. Many residents facing water shutoffs are currently on monthly payment plans with the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD), paying upwards of $160 per month as water rates continue to rise, and were given no prior notice that their water was about to be cut off. Last week, the Detroit City Council held a public hearing to discuss a proposed 4 percent hike in water rates.

Apartheid In Detroit: Water For Corporations, Not For People //


  • who controls the stack?
  • who owns the means of not dying?
  • what is your relationship to infrastructure?

If there was any reason for doing the things i’m trying to do it’s because of shit like this // JAY


magical girl time!

three of my favorite adventure time ladies as magical girls.

you can buy the print here!

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South Dakota-based artist John Lopez (previously featured here) creates awesome life-size sculptures of animals by welding together pieces of scrap metal, often pieces of abandoned farm machinery collected from local ranchers and farmers that he’s known since he was a kid. The creatures he creates are so lifelike that it’s hard to believe their myriad parts and pieces were ever used for anything else.

Visit John Lopez’s website, blog and Facebook page to check out more of his magnificent metalwork.

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